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Our Coffee:

Savor the freedom of creating your own bittersweet blend of hot concoction with Bumper Crop Coffee as your all time favorite ingredient.

Established with a collective effort of a team composed of highly committed artisans who know coffee like the back of their hands, Bumper Crop Coffee provides a wide variety of coffee: Colombia Oporapa their darkest coffee - a classically bittersweet character a creamy, comforting cup Brazil Mogiana peanutty and smooth great for breakfast or any time of day for that matter Ethiopia Sidamo a supersweet cup from coffee's birthplace bursting with ripe fruit - chocolate covered berries Organic Sumatra Mandheling a characteristically earthy Indonesian - great body with a dry finish - like a dusting of cocoa Organic Komodo Decaf Swiss Water Process decaffeination a simple blend offering balance and full flavor a delicious decaf our signature blend: Microcosm Blend a representation of the world of coffee and of us beans from 5 unique and distinct growing regions blended after roast to create a complex yet balanced cup: Colombia Oporapa Brazil Mogiana Ethiopia Sidamo El Salvador Santa Isabel Costa

Phone No: 509.496.7390

Find us :

  • ► 14505 E. Trent Ave. in Spokane Valley - just west of Sullivan Rd. 509.926.6035
  • ► The Farmers' Market is in full harvest! Look for Jon in a big green truck and stop by for espresso, fresh brew and whole bean coffee. 208.651.3106
  • ► 4235 S. Cheney-Spokane Rd just 5 min south of Spokane on 195 toward Cheney 509.624.4182
  • ► Java on Sherman 324 E Sherman - Downtown Coeur d'Alene 208.667.0010
  • ► On the South Hill at 1001 W. 25th at Monroe- 509.535.7171
  • ► In Spirit Lake - Highway 41 at 31911 N. Fifth Ave. across from Miller's grocery